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Gamescom is around the corner (starts august 13th). Since it is in Germany, it is not too much trouble to go visit (still about 3 hours train ride), but to go there as a visitor has its drawbacks (very long waiting times to see glimpses of/play a game, it’s very crowded and there are almost no possibilities to talk to people in the industry). So the way to go is to be invited by EA.I wanted to go so badly last year, but didn’t have an invitation.
blacky, admin of blacky’s sims zoo, with whom I work together on the Sims Magazine creations (technically she’s my boss), gets invited every year. She told me a few weeks ago that she suggested a few people to also get inviations and put in a good word for me as well so I might receive an invitation for myself, but sadly, that didn’t work out. (I guess I either have to take up modding and scripting or create a newsblog or community, that makes it easier to get an invitation.)
Naturally, I assumed that this year I’d stay at home longingly and reading every blog with infos on sims 4 that was written by those whoe were there just like last year.

But unexpectedly, I have been given the opportuny to go to Gamescom together with blacky this year, since she had an invitation to spare. I’m sooo freakin’ thrilled! Not only do we get sponsored/don’t have to pay for room and board, but we also get to see special presentations/get to play sims 4! I hope that the internet in our hostel will be good enough for blogging/getting out info as far as we are allowed to. I am so excited to meet others there! I don’t know who is going to be there from the community, but I already heard that crinrict will be there (what an honor to meet her!) 
I am thinking about creating a shirt with my logo on it so that people can recognize me there (or is that too over-the top?)

Now excuse me while I float above the clouds ;)


6500+ followers’ gift.  Sorry for the crappy previews, but they’re so very draining…


Three variations of cuffed jeans for your YA/A males!  They’re for everyday wear, and… I never pay attention to that part now that I think about it.  Styles 2 and 3 have a non-recolorable ‘overlay’ preset.  Style 2 has four recolorable channels while 1 and 3 have three.  Sorry for the lack of channel previews.  I thought I took some for all, but I failed.

Mesh is a mash-up I did to ‘fix’ an EA mesh and make it low-rise.  Textures are by EA and from the Diesel stuff pack.  SHOULD be base-game compatible, but please let me know if they’re not.  Compressorized and optimized.

They all morph wonderfully, though the LODs are a bit lame (but there!).  Custom thumbnails.

Do whatever you want with these as long as you don’t claim you made them or link to them via AdFly or similar or make money off the things I give away for free.  I can’t believe I have to tell people not to be an asshole.


thanks so much for sharing, I know that you worked hard on them and they look amazing <3


I’m getting impatient about the sims 4 CAS demo :/ still haven’t gotten it (and I am very pessimistic about getting it earlier at all, seeing that the registration is also no guarantee of receiving it). I really want to poke around in the files and check out how to make custom content :(

I’m not so jealous of the people who get to make sims than of the people that are able to do the poking-around -.-
There’s already a test version of s4pe!

I think you have a virus!

seems like it *sigh* I deleted the post and look into it if this is all I need to do to remove it. Seems like an aggressive form of money-making/address grabbing thing. I clicked on a similar link on my dashboard, it wanted permissions and, thinking it was just another “show your followers” thing, I let it. But then I was directed to a page that wanted that I answer a survey and then the alarm bells rung and I didn’t do the survey, but seems it’s already too late.

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Hey Dudes! Don’t you know this Great tool called Any Game Starter?

Well I do and it is the best tool for test CC, less EPs more Base Game and the same functionality of your normal game, just copy your favorite Mods and that folder itself :)


I used it when I needed to test “my” “baseGame” easel and I could discover that the easel worked without the SP. You can even change the language! shokoninio and I use it :] Access to the tool here at MTS


It is your choise to use the tools or let the sharks eat you :] Interesting isn’t it? Ha!

I have used AGS3 for years and years. I wouldn’t want to play or create/test stuff without it! I especially love the options to turn off expansions and stuff packs and change the language :)

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