Today is a special day  - it’s Lilmisslau's birthday! Yay :)

For this special occasion, I have a freshly baked created sim for you - Ron Simmons.
He comes  as a .sim file and was created without CC (uses default Skintone and eyes - my default replacement skintone is by Ladyfrontbum, my default eyes are the ones I uploaded at my website.)
Customize/change him as you wish!

You can use him for whatever you want,  play with him, us him as a character in your stories or drown him right away, it’s up to you! :)

Download here

TOU: Please don’t say you made it, credit appreciated, do not use for monetary gain (no upload to paysites, adfly etc.), otherwise enjoy :)

omni-plant replied to your post “I feel like creating some new patterns, anyone want to throw some…”

omg omg! more fur maybe? or abstract patterns

fur… hey, I actually got some of those somewhere in the depths of my pattern folder and I wanted to release them as a fur and leather set (never got around doing much leather - maybe this would be a good idea to work on.) image

Abstract patterns, yep, haven’t done many of them, could use some more :)


hey love :)

for hair retextures i use plumb-bombs (favourite and one of my bbs), beaverhausenx, lemonkixxy, paintstroke and bysimmoa.

for clothes i use simplicaz (favourite), jinglestartk (favourite), julies7821, the77sim3 ilikeyourfacesims, theseprettylittlepixels, sk-sims, mkitten, bartlby182, sunnyanubis, m1ssduo, pnmai all about style, rusty nail for formal stuff

for accessories i use sclub, trae-lia, elexissims, m1ssduo,, mitarasisims, beo

for shoes i use simplicaz, jinglestartk, rukisims, simlicious, pixicat, sunnyanubis

i hope this helps? :) xxx

thanks so much for using my CC :)
You’ve got such cute lookbooks <3







none pizza with left beef

It should be a rule of Tumblr to always reblog none pizza with left beef

ive missed you

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I love None Pizza with Left Beef.

this made me laugh so hard! I wish we had pizza ordering options like that :D

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davidmont asked:

OMG I UNFOLLOWED YOU :'( Silly app that crashes and freezes


;) I’m kidding, don’t worry, I forgive you! It was actually nice to see the popup again that you follow me :D it’s great to know that you would follow me again and again, actually :) also thank you for your last mail, haven’t responded yet but I had a huuge smile on my face while reading it! XX



I wish CC creators wouldn’t photoshop/edit their previews. I want to know what exactly I’m putting in my game instead of seeing what I thought to be amazing not be so amazing after all.

I don’t.  Or if I do, I only blur the non-cc things, like hair so its not the focus, you know.  

I don’t edit mine either :) the most I would do is sharpen a tiny bit and/or add a bit of brightness if the curves allow it (I don’t like to cut away image information), but I usually don’t even do that with creations so you see real ingame lighting (well, ingame photostudio lighting^^)

I tried to email them but never got a response back. I’m in the USA if that makes a difference.

that’s odd, it shouldn’t matter from where your mail was sent! Maybe try again - perhaps the mail just got lost or overlooked, but if this happens again, I could make some inquiries/ask what’s going on, maybe I could bring this to the attention of the magazine’s staff. If they wanna sell magazines, they need to respond to people.





What kind of computers do people have where they can have all the eps and sps and still have no lag wtf what deal with the devil did you make for your computer

I use a Mac :)

My computer specs are in my FAQ

Core 2 Quad Q8200, 8GB of Ram, GTX…

See, I wonder about this as well. I think it depends what is considered laggy, though. Maybe I am an impatient monster??? I have panic attacks about the amount of custom content I have slowing my game down…and it’s not much. I stay around 1.5 GB, and that includes all store content/absolutely everything. I uninstalled Supernatural, Pets, Showtime, Island Paradise, Into the Future, and all SPs except for Diesel and Master Suite. I keep my population capped, play exclusively in small worlds, have service sims reduced and all that jazz. I don’t use ANY build/buy custom content to make room for the CAS shitstorm.

I still feel like my game is slow as fuck. At least CAS. I hid/recategorized everything possible/use compact mode/lalala. I do run an HQ mod (but oh God it is ugly without it), and assuming TS3 would even support dual-GPUs, I feel like I need two 780s sometimes.  

I can relate, I have a computer that’s only a couple of months old (detailed specs here), and CAS is pretty slow. I have all my packages in combined packages managed by CCmagic.
I also have really, really bad problems with the create-a-style tool ingame. Whenever I want to recolor any objects and apply a set of colors to another object and start drag-and-dropping, the mouse slows down to slow-motion start-stopping, I have to guess where the mouse needs to go and stop and wait 10 seconds for the cursor to move in the direction I pointed it… it is so freaking annoying!


aikea-guinea replied to your photoset “As a clothing creator, you have to have very strong nerves and a lot…”

I feel your pain so, so much. :/

Thanks, I think everyone that ever tried to mesh something can somehow relate…
I ate a huge bowl of chocolate icecream and then some more caramel-filled chocolate and then I found the courage to open up workshop again.
I reverted back to an older version where not everything was messed up (thank goodness I kept the older meshes). I decided to not make the pregnant mesh after all since it is just not working with the buttons. The issues with the other morphs are very minor, thank goodness!

Oh no :( looks confusing, but the end result will be amazing I just know it! Xxx

Thanks for your faith in me :) sometimes I need to remind myself that I don’t have to do everything perfectly (sometimes it is hard to let go). Thanks so much for all the comments you have been leaving lately *hugs*

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