Custom Normalmaps for TS4

Oh yeah!!!

Finally, I figured out how to make custom normalmaps. Thanks to Cmar’s TS4 CAS/Mesh Toolkit, the normalmap can be cloned now!

Now only specular editing is missing, but I see no visible issue on my CC so far, so I guess I can start creating for ts4 properly now.

Here at MTS is a brief description of how I added the normalmap (you need s3pe/s4pe skills.)

I’m so excited that I stayed awake the whole night (it’s almost 6am here). I wanted to test a couple of things and played around with different settings for the normalmap, but I couldn’t see any huge improvements regarding the method.

The Chunky Knit Sweater and the jeans are items I experimentally created for the TS4 CAS Demo and with these new developments, they will be available for download soon. I might do some mesh editing on the jeans, they are currently using EA’s tandard bootcut mesh and a texture blend of the EA texture and my TS3 Stylish Comfort Jeans
The sweater texture is not the best/some stitches look a bit undefined, but I love the look so I’m keeping it :)


If you told me I would have 3000+ followers just over a year and a half after joining tumblr, I wouldn’t have believed them. Actually, I still don’t believe it myself but here I am. I am just so grateful there are so many people out there that enjoy my content enough to follow me. I don’t create to be popular or to get followers, its my creative outlet, so it means a great deal that people enjoy what I share as much as I do.

So, in celebration of this milestone (which happened while I was working with no time to finish up the meshes and post), I am sharing these belated gifts. What we have here is 6 of my latest meshes for YA-Adult guys for you to download. They include 4 tops and 2 bottoms.

These creations are:

The downloads are hosted on their separate pages on my blog with all the information listed there (it is too much of a pain to have them on tumblr too). Click on the links above to take you to each of the downloads. Again, thank you and I hope you enjoy :)

Congratulations! And you offer so many gifts, thank you, you’re really spoiling us :)
I also love the design of the first introductory pic - looks amazing!

mspoodle1 replied to your post “still not in a simming mood”

I’m on Ravelry to Haven’t done anything as of late, but I do like to knit even though it’s always to warm to wear anything heavy. :)

Nice :) I don’t knit very often either, but every now and then I do (mostly whenever I need a break from my usual hobbies).

peacemaker-ic replied to your post “still not in a simming mood”

*hugs* I have those moments too. Hopefully they will pass. I also agree, i am avoiding clothing creations for TS4 until the proper tools are available. I always found the s3pe method for TS3 tedious, I rather use TSRW, same with TS4

Thanks for the hug :) I am sure it is just a phase - I am keeping up with all the creative tools and install new versions of sims 4 tools every now and then to be ready :)
I like TSRW and am sure the one for sims 4 will be pretty good, but I am also impressed with the other free tools that are around - my favorites so far are Color Magic and Cmar’s TS4 CAS Mesh Tools.

50 Questions Meme

  • Answer all those honestly.
  • You can skip 3 questions if you want.
  • Tag 5 people to answer those.
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    Which was really nice, because as I read her answers, I wanted to do do the questions myself and then saw that she tagged me, haha :D

What is your best friend’s name? Theresa
What’s your favourite game at the moment? Everquest II, Sims 3
What are you listening to right now? To the purring sound of my cat Mira who’s sitting on my lap :)
What’s your favourite number? 22
What was the last thing you ate? A cinnamon bun (swedish Kanelbullar, made them myself)
If you were a crayon what colour would you be? Couldn’t possibly decide, I love all colors!
How is the weather right now? Cloudy, a bit cold - autumn’s coming
Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? My father
The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Hair, eyes, facial structure
If you could have super power, what would it be and why? The power to use any superpower I want whenever I want :p
Favourite TV show? Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, Sleepy Hollow, the Big Bang theory… I could go on and on, I have a ton of favorite tv shows :)
Hair colour? Mousy/ashy medium blonde
Eye colour? Greenish blue
Do you wear contacts? Yes, I have been trying them out for one week now - I like them better than glasses so far, since I started wearing glasses only a few months ago and couldn’t get used to it.
Something coming up that you’re looking forward to? The next Doctor Who screening with my new friends :)
Favourite month? February (because of my birthday) and August (lovely weather)
Have you ever cried for no reason? Yes, it happens.
What was the last movie you watched? Babylon - was an ok watch. Liked Emma Watson in it.
How many countries have you been to? 9, I think…Germany, Holland, England (does the airport count?), France, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, the USA
Are you too shy to ask someone out? Yes. Absolutely.
Can you do a headstand (not using the wall)? Nope
Hugs or kisses? Hugs!
Chocolate or vanilla? Both (but chocolate for icecream)
What is something you like about yourself that isn’t a physical feature? My natural talent for spelling/grammar (friends trust me to correct their papers) and my patience
Choose one: YouTube, Reddit or Facebook? Facebook.
One thing you look for in a friend/partner? Loyalty, Honesty
What colour is your toothbrush? Pink and white :)
Piercings? If you count earrings as piercings: Two in each ear (used to be three per ear when I was a teen, but they kept closing and I couldn’t be bothered anymore)
Favourite movies? 30 going on 30, all kinds of Disney movies, The Hobbit movies, Back to the future trilogy… Actually, with movies, songs and tv-shows, I can hardly pick a favorite.
Favourite food of all-time? Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread (followed by pizza bread and all kinds of pasta)
What are you doing right now? Petting my cat and typing away on my keyboard to answer these questions
Butter, plain or salted popcorn? Sugared/caramelized (salted is good, too)
If you could buy any type of food right now, what would you buy? Chocolate Cupcakes with cherry filling (although I’d rather make them myself than buying them)
If you were to change your name to anything (first and/or last) what would it be? Possibly Rosena, the name of my Everquest II avatar of 10 years.
Dogs or cats? I’m 100% cat person
Favourite flower? Hollyhocks (had to look that up), poppies, orchids
Been caught doing something you weren’t supposed to do? Playing video games when I should be doing school work
Do you have a best friend of the opposite sex? Yes (my boyfriend)
Have you ever loved someone? Of course
Have you ever been admitted to hospital? Yes, when I was two years old. I didn’t want to drink or eat anything, so they had to give me infusions (I guess I didn’t have a very strong will to live back then)
Are you still friends with people from kindergarten? No
Have you ever fired a gun? No, and I wouldn’t want to
Do you like to travel by plane? Yes, it’s exciting!
Right-handed or left-handed? Left-handed
How many pillows do you sleep with? Just one (I have two blankets and a live cuddling toy (aka my cat) though)
Are you missing someone? My boyfriend, he’s on a business trip in England.
Do you have a tattoo? Nope, I wouldn’t like them on myself, I guess I change my tastes too often, but I like well-done tattoos on other people
Sunrise or sunset? Sunset (I can’t be bothered to rise early to witness a sunrise)

Taggingmspoodle1, lilmisslau, treason-and-plot, peacemaker-ic and anyone else who wants to answer them :)
Also, don’t worry if you don’t want to do them, that’s fine :)

still not in a simming mood

I have a real creative draught at the moment… sometimes I think “oh, making CC would be great” but then I don’t know what and I don’t want to start a mesh for Sims 3 right now, because they are always epic projects for me and I’d like to make stuff for Sims 4 (creating is definitely more interesting than playing it, I get bored so quickly!) but I don’t want to overhaul everything once the tools offer more options with normalmaps and speculars.
So I am mainly writing my bachelor’s thesis, playing Everquest II and I started to knit an owls pullover.
If you happen to be on ravelry, find me here!



Hi, I’m Nilxis, a world creator, and I have a problem. Some days ago I noticed my Mediafire account was suspended and I had no longer access to my worlds. (Read more about it here). I had some of them in my computer but the other versions are lost. If you have a version of one of my worlds, I’d be eternally grateful if you could upload it and send me a link. Here’s a list of all the versions I have and the ones I don’t have:

(“THIS” means I already have it, and “THIS” means I don’t have it so if you do, please upload it)

Saaqartoq versions:

Saaqartoq Spanish Unpopulated

Saaqartoq Spanish Populated

Saaqartoq English Unpopulated

Saaqartoq English Populated

Plav Raj versions: (completed)

Plav Raj Spanish Unpopulated

Plav Raj English Unpopulated (Thanks Aminovas!)

Plav Raj CC File

Empordà versions:

Empordà Spanish Unpopulated

Empordà Spanish Populated

Empordà English Unpopulated

Empordà English Populated

Empordà CC File

Ziwa Bonde versions:

Ziwa Bonde Spanish Unpopulated

Ziwa Bonde Spanish Populated

Ziwa Bonde English Unpopulated

Ziwa Bonde English Populated

Ziwa Bonde CC File

Suvadiva Resort versions:

Suvadiva Resort Spanish Unpopulated

Suvadiva Resort English Unpopulated

Sa Pineda versions: (completed)

Sa Pineda English Populated

Isla Kalooni versions:

Isla Kalooni Spanish Populated

Kalooni Island English Populated

Costa-Sol versions:

Costa-Sol Spanish Unpopulated

The files I’m looking for are the .sims3pack files you have in your Electronic Arts/Sims 3/Downloads folder

Send me a private message or contact me via e-mail here.

Please help spread this post and reblog so I can upload my worlds again and we can all enjoy them. Thank you so much for your support, we can make it! :)

passing this along in case anyone can help…



A Response to ‘Women Against Feminism.’

Imagine this:

The year is 2014. You are a white Western woman. You wake up in the morning in a comfortably sized house or flat. You have a full or part-time job that enables you to pay your rent or mortgage. You have been to school and maybe even college or university as well. You can read and write and count. You own a car or have a driver’s licence. You have enough money in your own bank account to feed and clothe yourself. You have access to the Internet. You can vote. You have a boyfriend or girlfriend of your choosing, who you can also marry if you want to, and raise a family with. You walk down the street wearing whatever you feel like wearing. You can go to bars and clubs and sleep with whomever you want.

Your world is full of freedom and possibility.

Then you pick up a newspaper or go online. You read about angry women ranting about sexism and inequality. You see phrases like ‘rape-culture’ and ‘slut-shaming.’ You furrow your brow and think to yourself: ‘What are they so angry about? There is no such thing as sexism anymore.’

Now imagine this:

The year is 2013. You are a 25 year-old Pakistani woman. A few months ago, you married the man you love. A man you choose for yourself. You are also pregnant with his child. You see your life stretching out before you, filled with hope and happiness. Suddenly, you and your husband are dragged away from each other. You are both beaten with bricks and batons. You can’t fight back. You can’t escape. No one comes to help you. Through your fading vision, you look up, and look into the eyes of one of your assailants: into the eyes of your father.

The year is 2013. You are a 23 year-old Indian woman. You are a physiotherapy student with a promising career ahead of you. You are sitting on a private bus travelling home alone on a warm December evening. You gaze out of the window as the buildings of New Dheli rush past you and feel content. Suddenly, a blunt force hits the back of your head and you fall to the floor of the bus. A group of strange men are standing over you. They bring the metal bar down on you again and again and again until all you can taste is the blood filling up your mouth. You pray that you will die soon. And you do, but not then. You are raped, beaten, and tortured over and over again. Death is slow and agonising.

The year is 2014. You are a 13 year-old girl from Niger. You no longer live there though. You are now living in the neighbouring country Nigeria, sitting alone in small room on a small bed in a small apartment high above the city of Kano. You are not allowed to leave. Your stomach is swollen from the unwanted life growing inside of it. You had no choice. The father is a man in his 40s. He is a businessman. He has bought you as his wife. You were a penniless, uneducated girl when he came for you. You don’t know of any life you could have had. Neither did your family: just one less mouth for them to feed. You still have the body of a child, and it’s straining under the pressure from the one inside of you. You feel like you’re about to be split in two. You don’t wonder if you will survive the birth. A part of you doesn’t want to.

These are fictionalised accounts of real events that have happened to real women living in our world today. They follow the past 250 years of women and men campaigning for women to be given equal rights to men to prevent these kinds of injustices and abuses on the grounds of gender taking place. Over the course of this time, campaigners – Feminists, both female and male – have been locked up, beaten, tortured, and even killed, in the pursuit of equality. They did this with pen and ink and print; they did this with their voices; they did this with their bodies; they did this with art and music; they did in courts of law and halls and houses of government that they fought be to allowed into.

They did this so that women would no longer been seen as property, livestock, breeding machines, sex objects, punching bags, or infantile morons. They did this not just for themselves, but also for their daughters, and their daughters, and their daughters for generations to come. They did this for women they would never meet – women who lived across countries, across vast oceans, across the entire globe, and even across time.

They did this so that women like me – a white Western woman – could attend school and university; to learn to read, write, and think critically; to gain a degree; to get a job and be paid an equal salary to a man in the same position; and to sit here with my own computer and type all of this.

Feminism is a movement for freedom, equality, choice, love, compassion, respect, solidarity, and education. We may argue, we may disagree, we may struggle to understand the choices and perspectives of others sometimes, but these core beliefs of the movement have never changed, and they never will.

That is why I am a Feminist.

If you feel that you have so far lived your life unaffected by even the mildest form of sexism – anything from feeling uncomfortable when a man catcalls you in the street, to feeling scared walking home alone at night in a secluded area – and are treated with love and respect by every man in your life, then to you I say: I’m glad for you. If you don’t think you need feminism, then that is a victory for the movement. You have fulfilled all those dreams that every suffragette being force-fed in prison and every ‘witch’ burnt at the stake dreamed you would one day.

But perhaps take a second to consider the life of the Pakistani woman who was beaten to death by her own family for marrying a man of her choosing. Or the life of the Indian woman who was raped, beaten, and murdered on a bus by a gang of men. Or the life of the little girl in Niger who was sold to a man more than twice her own age and forced to carry a baby that may kill her to deliver. Do they still need feminism?

And perhaps take a second to consider this too: Even in our liberal, Western world, why do women still only fill 24% of senior management jobs? Why are more women than men domestically abused or even killed every week at the hands of their male partner or ex-partner? Why is there still a pay gap (in the UK specifically) of 15% for women doing the same jobs and working the same hours as men?

And what about on a cultural level? Have you ever noticed how comedy panel shows usually only have one female panellist compared to 4-5 male ones? That almost every dieting product on the market is solely aimed at women? How a lot of newspapers and advertising campaigns will use a sexualised or pornographic image of a woman to sell news or products that have nothing to do with sex?

Or perhaps on a personal level: Do you choose to wear certain clothes because you want to or because you feel ‘unfeminine’ if you don’t? Do you choose to cover yourself up because you want to or because you feel ashamed or intimidated by a man looking at your body? Do you shave your legs and underarm hair because you want to or because you will look ‘ugly’ if you don’t? Did you parents dress you in pink as a baby because they liked the colour or because you were born a girl? Do you want to have children because you want to or because you are a woman?

When you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, do you see yourself through your own eyes, or through the eyes of the men that will look at you when you walk out the door?

The fact is, like it or not, you still live a world where gender matters. Where gender controls not just the entire course of your life – but the lives of women all over the world. Every second, a child will be born female in a country where she will persecuted for this random biological occurrence for the rest of her life. So before you hold up your anti-Feminist placard proudly and smile at your own sense of empowerment, think not what Feminism can do for you, but what it can do for that one girl. She needs someone to stand up for her. That someone could be you.

[ x ]

Read this. Read all of this. Then read it again.

Calling All CC Users and Creators


I’m pleased to announce the creation of S4CC Wiki, a directory of custom content for The Sims 4 allowing users to find the content they need more easily.

S4CC Wiki lists links to pages where you can download custom content, and is categorized into categories that allow for easy browsing. Want Red content? Search the “Red” category. The directory also has categories dedicated to specific Maxis-made meshes, so if you’re looking for new swatches for that specific CAS part, they’re easy to find! No more wrecking through multiple sites to find exactly what you want!

Of course… at the time of this announcement, the site is empty. More content will continue to be added, and hopefully in the future it will become the best place to find custom content with ease. S4CC Wiki is a wiki, so anyone is free to edit it. Anyone interested can add new content to the directory, whether it’s their own or someone elses.

Let’s make CC browsing a more pleasant process for Simmers!



For anyone who doesn’t already know…

You can add all your favorite sims to your town without them taking up the few homes you have in your world.

Step 1: You should already have a sim in town you are playing.

Step 2: While playing your active sim open "game options"

Step 3: Then open "Manage Worlds" and go to the gallery

Step 4: Find the sim you want to add to town and click "Bring Household into Neighborhood."  (Put them in a starter home)

Step 5: Now click their home and say "Evict"

You’re Done!

This sim is now in town and you will randomly see them out and about but not taking up space.

If you ever want to remove them from town completely, just go into "Households Management" and they are under the "Unplayed" tab in the "Not in town section".

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10 things our kids will never understand…

limewire lmao I forgot that was a thing woww. my memory

Fucking Limewire.

Wow I feel old now. 

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