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Hello, I saw your comparison post about Sims 3 and 4 and I noticed there was the sims 4 body map/texture in image of the sims 4 feet. Could it be possible for you to send the real size map to me ? Or could you explain me how to find it ? Thank you :)

hello :) sintiklia extracted the sims 4 meshes, you can get the meshes and extract the real size map from them. Look here:


the tutorial on how to extract sims 4 meshes is here:


heya everyone! Sorry for still not posting much. I caught the flu at the gamescom, I suppose my immune system wasn’t up against germs of thousands of people :(

Nursing myself back to health with tea, Doctor Who and warm blankets. I’m writing my article about sims 4 for the German forum blacky’s sims zoo. It will be in German and I’m not allowed to post infos about playing the sims 4 during gamescom here on my blog (that’s because I got invited as a member of blacky’s sims zoo, not my own site and it would be unfair to the other attendees of the event) but I’m sure there are lots of english infos available by now :)
All I can say that I will buy the game now - it’s not so bad after all and I laughed a lot during gameplay.

It was amazing to meet other sims fans from around the world and I had a blast :) Torsten, our German EA community manager, was really nice too and I met Sherry Dandan and Simguru King :) they were all very friendly.

Hope you have fun with the sims 4 demo, by now everyone should be able to get it - and I definitely liked it!

So much to do, so little time!

I am headlessly running around and trying to get things organized for the Gamescom. I’m leaving tomorrow waaaay too early (it’s like the middle of the night for me) and I have to print my ticket for the train at the station, finish cleaning the house, tell the cat sitter what to do, pack my entire suitcase, remember to pack chargers and gadgets… yeah, I’m a bit stressed out! Currently taking a late breakfast/taking a break from cleaning the house (why didn’t I do that yesterday? *sighs*).
I might post stuff from the Gamescom if I find the time- I’m really excited :) I’ll be back on sunday. Hope you all have a great week!

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bravebeautifulbold asked:

Hi I love your blog! But I was wondering how do you make your custom content? I really want to start making custom content so I thought I'd ask!

thank you, I’m glad you enjoy my blog!

First off, if you want to make custom content, you need to decide what kind- there are tons of things you can create! For beginners, it is easiest to start with texture recolors where you don’t need meshing skills. 
You can make painting recolors, those are very easy, or put Stencils on clothing. Then you can move on to making new textures for clothes and create patterns. You can also create new tattoos, makeup, skintones, contacts, poses and so on.
If you feel comfortable doing those things, you can move on to meshing.

Patterns are also things that are fairly easy and done fast. If you want to make properly recolorable channels, check out Peacemaker-ICs pattern tutorials, they are very well-explained!
For retexturing clothes and adding stencils, Ekinege at TSR has written a really good one here.
For more tutorials on creating poses, tattoos and more,you can check out some tumblr tags such as and s3cc tutorial, ts3 tutorial and sims 3 tutorial.
If you are ready to start meshing, you can check out Quizicalgin’s videos on meshing with Milkshape.
I also have some tips and tricks in regards to meshing with Blender in my tutorial collection.
For even more tutorials, check out tutorials at Modthesims or use google and look in other forums. You’ll find plenty!


The Sims 4 models are also slightly taller.

Actually, the sims 3 model appears to be slightly taller if both models are imported on top of each other, but not by much. The difference is only there because the Sims 3 model is slightly raised from the ground compared to the sims 4 model. If one lowers the sims 3 model to the same height as the sims 4 model, both are equally tall.

Also, I did write captions for the pics, labelling them sims 3/ sims 4, but they don’t show up for me, so maybe something went wrong with that…

On the pics with both models overlapping, the dark orange one is the sims 3 model and the light orange is the sims 4 model - just to clarify :)

Comparison: Sims 3 vs. Sims 4 bodies (female)

I just compared the Sims 3 and Sims 4 YAF models with each other. It’s quite interesting to see differences and similarities!
Sims 4 sims are a bit higher poly (about 2k), thus look a bit smoother overall.
The most obvious changes are at the hips and the feet.
Sims 3 sims are a bit more sturdy without so many curves (the back of sims 4 model is more arched and has a rounder butt). The feet are rather anatomically correct in Sims 3 and stylized/exaggerated in Sims 4. Sims 4 sims’ feet do not have arches or protruding ankles. The soles of Sims 4 feet are completely flat. Sims 3 sims also have a much wider throat with a softer neck transition. The Sims 4 head is overall smaller than the Sims 3 head.

To me, the biggest irk factor of the Sims 4 bodies are sims are the feet… I am not a big fan of them, they look so blocky and does not match the realism of the rest of the body imo. Overall, I like the curvy, more delicate body shape of sims 4 sims though.

Which features of the bodies do you like/dislike?



Tutorial - How to export meshes from S4pe(Sims 4)

I decided to write this tutorial ( after a few messages and requests…). This tutorial is useful only for export meshes - not for import or replace( hope soon will be normal plug in)

1 advice - Don’t save your modifications in CASDemoFullBuild.package

Remember - not all meshes can be exported with those method( some of them write with other version…maybe)

And… of course - if you want to copy my tutorial or translate it to your site - put source and write author.

Download tutorial (images with normal visible letters)

P.S.Hate my internet - when I want to post something - I need to wait a half of hour( or hour) and spend a lot of time with this…grrrr

Русский перевод:

1.Для начала откроем наш CasDemoFullbuild.package  в программе CASRecolor tool. Найдем текстуру одежды или волос( ну или аксессуара). Смотрим справа CASP номер, последняя вереница цифр нам нужна, скопируем этот последний номер к себе в блокнот, это будет Instance для поиска в с4пе. Можно так же скопировать Instance из RLE2 - это будет текстура( те, кто хотят перекрасить волосы должны знать что экспорт текстуры из Реколора бесполезен, потому что перекраски волос из Реколора не работают). Вобщем нужные нам Instance будут в s4pe выглядеть так, для CASP: 0x000000000000b6de, и для текстуры - 0xb0ad52d8b2d65547, просто к номеру из Реколора добавляем 0x и ищем это в с4пе.

2. Находим по Instance для CASP в с4пе.

3. Прокрутим в правом окне мышкой и увидим мини-таблицу номеров TGIBlockLost , скопируйте всю эту табличку в блокнот. Для расшифровки скажу что то что начинается с номеров 0x015A1849 - это всегда меши, а 0x3453CF95 - это обычно текстуры, остальное либо BGEO либо BONE, вобщем остальное особо нам не нужно.

4. Нужный номер Instance для мешей у нас 0x37A9E2648F230790. Обычно все меши идут в 1 столбец, но иногда могут быть разделены какой-то текстурой посередине вобщем ориентируйтесь по номерам из TGIBlockList. Выделяем любой из GEOM и жмем внизу кнопку Grid( я не показывала ее на скриншоте, но вы ее найдете). Откроется такое вот окно, в нем нужно развернуть блоки ChunkEntries и RCOLBlock. Нам нужна строчка Version. Мы видим что в ней есть номер 0x0000000C

5. Меняем в этой строчке последние два символа 0C на цифру 5 и жмем Commit

6.Не переживайте если справа увидете текст про какую-то ошибку и т.д. Кликаем на данном измененном GEOM и жмем Export - To file.

7.Сохраняем в предложенном нам simgeom формате.

8.Импортируем в Milkshape наш экспортированный меш. У вас должен быть для этого плагин от Wesley Howe, у меня 0,16 версия. Милкшпейп несколько раз помаячит табличкой что какие-то кости отсутствуют в скелете( ведь это меш для Симс 4 и в нем новые кости, в плагине их пока нет). Вобщем покликайте Ентер несколько раз( или ОК мышкой)

9. В итоге мы получим меш, который к сожалению заменить, изменить(кроме как просто изменить в редакторе для себя) или экспортировать обратно в игру пока не получится. Но зато можно экспортировать в любую 3d программу как obj и посмотреть разветку, чтобы сделать ретекстуру или просто посмотреть строение. Меши в Sims 4 как-то странно порой поделены на несколько частей, обычно прически поделены на 3 части и меют 4 ЛОДа, поэтому GEOMом у нас 12 в s4pe для одной прическе. Какой ЛОД где можно понять только экспортировав все, обычно большие файлы - это самый высокий, меньшие - низкий. При экспорте не всегда получается открыть меши, иногда мой метод не работает, потому что некоторые меши явно закодированы по другому. Бывало так что в 1 прическе 9 ГЕОмов я открыла, а еще 3 не получилось( какой-то из низких ЛОДов). Так же не получилось открыть ни один из мешей ymHead и yfHead( я их нашла в с4пе по CASP файлам). Что ж будем жадть нормального плагина.

И очень важно: После любых изменений не в коем случае не сохраняйте CasDemoFullBuild,package, это может испортить вашу демо-версию игры и придется качать заново. Для эксперементов вообще советую скопировать этот package куда-то отдельно.

Надеюсь моя информация может помочь в модификации плагина Wesley Howe или написать новый. Спасибо за внимание.

Woo! This will come handy!

thank you! That’s very clever, changing the version to that of sims 3 - and such a simple solution!




One site that has truly made thousands of games playable, finding resources all over the web, even before Simblr, deserves recognition. Our good friend Joe has done what most of us wouldn’t have the motivation to even keep up with for a few months, let alone the 5+ YEARS he’s been updating  with all the cc goodies from around the world. He doesn’t just make it easier for us to find great contentbut he also gives cc creators the spotlight for their creations—not discriminating against the new and the well known.  I can’t imagine how much time and effort it takes to run a blog that millions have visited—and now, he’s still planning on continuing his legacy to Sims4, MS4B 

I’d like to thank you personally, for supporting me by showcasing my early and current cc, and doing it for the hundreds of other cc creators.  So many of us take for granted the service you provide—all on your own time. It’s more than a common saying here: WCIF this? GOTO MS3B. I guess what we really mean is, Keep Calm and MySims3Blog

Enough with the sap, hmm? (I’m Canadian—we’re maple syrup saps) Onto the CC!


  • AF and AM!
  • all morph compatible, custom recolourable channels
  • custom thumbnails
  • 2 versions—1 is an overlay (non-recolourable), the other is recolourable
  • I’m including the Logo for others to use and share!

Link to uncompressed version of Logo!

Keep Calm Creator - with the logo (it’s just the site’s version)

Or just download the pic I put in this set!

****DOWNLOAD ME @****



Dedicated to MS3B, our one stop CC Downloads Shop

Male Shirt - jinglestartk

Female Shirt - sk-sims

Logo Creation Possible from this site, keepcalm-o-matic


Noah - aphroditeisimmoral

Eriyah - Me

Soren - Me 

There is a tumblr too: mysims3blog

Oh wow that’s really sweet of you and thank you.

I won’t say much because I only believe in showing emotion to my dogs and cat, but I really appreciate this.  Thank you again and thank you for all your creations. :)

What a great idea to thank the person behind the most viewed sims blog on the planet (I believe that is correct) with such cool creations :)

Thank you, Joe, for all your hard work and also to thanks to all that have helped him to keep the blog updated throughout all life situations!

Of course I will watch the new Doctor who season (am prepared to watch shitty livestreams through a proxy), and I love how our cinema shows a screening of the first episode of the 8th season on august 23rd! There’s  nothing better than a movie theater packed with Doctor Who fans - I’m so excited -  bought tickets early and got the best seats :)
I think the screening of the 50th anniversary special was hugely successful in Germany - so glad they offer this screening as well!

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