This week I have another top for your male sims. What we have here is a magician outfit from Showtime tweaked to be a top only, long sleeves and no girdle thing. This makes it so much more usable. I loved the outfit (which was only available with the unlockoutfits cheat active) but the design made the use of this outfit limited. I think I have made the top much more diverse.

The top features:

  • Basegame compatible
  • 4 recolourable channels (jacket, jacket lapel, shirt, and buttons)
  • Found in everyday, formal and outerwear categories
  • 1 preset and custom thumbnail

There is one issue I need to state about this top. Like the mesh it is based on, the thin flipped collar bones are not perfect. they bend and move and don’t always look right. I am not well versed in assigning bone assignments, and it is not something I want to mess with. So be aware the collar is not perfect, but my testers and people who has seen the WIP as it has progressed have said its not a big problem. But I want you all the be aware of it. 

So, as usual, the archive contains both the sim3pack, package file and preview images. Just extract file, choose your preferred file type and delete the rest. I hope you enjoy. 



Mediafire | Onedrive


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Beautiful creation presented with beautiful typography! <3


mspoodle1 replied to your post: Ella is kinda growing on me. I use her…

Yeah! Simlicious CC for the masses! That’s awesome to hear!♥

Thanks :) It is an honor to be featured in a print magazine and we can often weigh in heavily on what we create, which is really nice :)

lilmisslau replied to your post: Ella is kinda growing on me. I use her…

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! new swimsuit looks amazing xx

Thank youu! <3 I still have to do LODs, CAS thumbs and preview screenshots, but the major work is done :)

equissim replied to your post: Ella is kinda growing on me. I use her…

I love the way it is soooo possible to make nice sims without cc!

Yes, it possible, once you get accustomed to the “pudding” look. It has its own charme :)

shiftclickdelete replied to your post: Ella is kinda growing on me. I use her…

Not even allowed to use defaults or?

Nope, no skintones, no eyes, nothing is allowed. I assume the skin and eyes wouldn’t be very noticeable anyway, since the images are quite small in the magazine. They have to adjust the screenshots from screen to print resolution ( a 1920x1080px sized screenshot can only be about 9 cm/3.6” high and 16cm/6.4” wide when printed for maximum quality.)

For the previews on my tumblr, I also use my regular models with CC to give you an idea how they could look with CC on :)

IF you want to see how the pics look in the magazine, you can view this issue’s pdf preview, they picked my clothes to be in the preview for the first time *beams*


Devil’s Port

The bad brother of Bridgeport comes with a moody end time atmosphere. Violence, crime and corruption are in order of the day. The cityscape looks shabby and faced with ruin. Dense fog is in the center of the town.

The world is decorated with a lot of traffic and industrial objects. The big difference is, that the highrise shells have the function of private lots and not anymore apartments! This reduces the freezing of the gameplay. If someone will have an apartment, he can add it. Some shells are rabbitholes, placed as rugs/doors. The big work was also to clean the bad routing, so this world is completly new from the ground, only the base terrain and the base sculpting is the same as Bridgeport. All the streets, the vegetation, the shells, the harbor and all other things are new builded.

Hy dear Simmers, this world is now finished and U’ll find it here.Thank you for watching:) besos*

If you want to try out a very different, darker world, try this one! There are many more pics on Galadrielh’s blog and on her website, check them out, you won’t be sorry :)





I learned about this in Psychology class. Whichever way the girl is spinning is your dominant brain. If she turns directions, you use both sides of your brain equally. And if you can get her to turn whichever way you want, you have a lot of control over both sides.

this is so cool

oh my god what is happening 

Idk if I like this

I can make them turn at my command if I fix my gaze on one of the outer girls, then switch over to the girl on the opposite side and so on. Pretty cool :D

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due to extreme procrastination this evening, i present you with dum dum dum… all 133,000 words of the Willow Flats story… enjoy ;) read the whole thing and let me know what you think!!!

clicky clicky for download

p.s. i have literally copied & pasted from tumblr, so it may be a bit disjointed in reading as i wrote it in chunks… sowwy :/ the whole thing is pretty cool tho i think! x

For anyone interested in reading a beautifully written story! More chapters to come…


This is just a quick and simple edit of an EP shirt because I wanted a layered set of shirts for my boys.  I slimmed the mesh down quite a bit, changed the neckline to be a higher v-neck than the original, and removed all stencils.

This has three recolorable channels, all morphs and all LODs.  Shown on a fully-skinny, small-amount-of-muscles sim.  Available for everyday and sleepwear and comes with a custom thumbnail.  Compressorized and base-game compatible.

Do whatever you want with this as long as you’re not claiming you made it.


love this!

New eye candy for you!

A new issue (3/2014) of the Official German Sims Magazine (OSM) with brand-new creations is going to be released in a couple of days!
I created three beautiful wedding dresses exclusively for this issue (those were a lot of work - and I’m very proud of them).
These are not available for download, sorry - they only ship with the printed magazine. But at least you get so see pretty pictures - I hope you enjoy them!


Anonymous asked:

I saw your post about the sims3pack to package tool and was wondering if it would work correctly when it comes to converting kitchen counters so that the corners work nicely.

hi there :)
sorry for the late reply, busy days!
I haven’t specifically paid attention to kitchen counters converted to packages with s3ce, because I hardly build with CC. You could just try it for yourself to see if the corners work.

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