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I just registered for the Sims 4 CAS demo for the third time. Previously, there always was an error with the confirmation of the email address, though in my origin account, everything seemed okay and the email address was correct and the newsletter activated. Yet, I always got a message saying I successfully signed up for the demo - still I’m sceptical that it worked…
This time, it didn’t throw any errors at all, making me hope that the activation went through and increased my chances of getting the demo early. Maybe it’s way too late anyway and there are no new demos going out anymore… I dunno.
Creating CC for the demo without having the demo is not ideal… but not having it won’t stop me from creating for it (but actually, I think I’m the first one to create stuff without the demo). Being mad about it and sulking in a corner isn’t going to help anyway ;)

Sims 4 Default Replacement dress recolor
to be used in the CAS demo

I couldn’t wait any longer - I just acquired the resources to start creating for sims 4, even though I still do not have the CAS demo.

Warm thanks go to my lovely tester chocochip (creator of the sims 3 readme generator tool and PPCE). She provided the screenshots and tested my creation patiently :)

As you can see, the creation is a romantic pink lace dress, based on the FlutterDress. All I did was change the color, add lace detail and a zipper on the back (with a tiny plumbbob zipper pull). Otherwise, the texture uses the original EA texture.

This creation is a default replacement and it replaces the lime green version of the dress while installed. Once it is possible to create stable non-default content, I’ll make a non-default version of this dress.

Important: this CC is in beta-stage and highly experimental. The test has shown no issues, yet I cannot guarantee the flawless functionality of it, so use at your own risk!

TOU: Don’t claim as your own, don’t reupload or generate money from it. Credit and tags/mentions/links are appreciated :)

Installation: Put the package file in the mods folder of your Sims 4 CAS demo.

Download here

does anyone know

I’d love to test out the new CAS 4 recolor tool and s4pe… is there a way to get to the Sims 4 cas demo resources other than through having the demo? I have waited and waited, I don’t think I’m going to get the demo early anymore, despite registration and everything. I’m so sad :(
I want to participate in early cc-making sooo badly!


I have been sitting on these jackets for a while (not literally that is) because of small little issues that kept bugging me. Finally they are done. This is a frankenmesh of the UL jacket which I wanted opened up and with a nice tee instead of a bare chest. I ended up with the blue version first, but thought to myself that a more sweater look would be cool too. I hate to throw anything away, so I kept both versions and I am happy I did. The jackets are not perfect, mainly the sleeves can look odd with extreme hand movement and there may be a little clipping with some fully bent over poses. Overall, I love them and I hope you do too.

The jackets feature:

  • basegame compatibility
  • 4 recolourable channels for plain versions (jacket, sleeve cuffs/lower jacket, jacket lining, tee) with 3 recolourable areas for the stenciled t-shirts (stenciled versions are not recolourable due to complexity of the designs)
  • 4 presets for each style with custom thumbnails
  • 3 stenciled versions per style with unique designs (from
  • found in everyday, formalwear, athletic and outerwear categories of CAS

As always, the archives contain both the sim3pack and package files along with the preview image. Choose your preferred file type and delete the rest.


Download Comfy Version: Mediafire | Onedrive

Download Dressed-Up Version: Mediafire | Onedrive


I love them! Well done :)

One Week Only: The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection (FREE)




Because you’re a passionate The Sims 2 player, we’re making The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection available free of charge to download to your Origin library. To add the game, just follow these steps:

  1. Start by downloading and installing Origin. If you already have Origin you can skip to step 3.
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  3. Launch Origin and log into…

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Yes Just did it 

so excited!

Gamescom is around the corner (starts august 13th). Since it is in Germany, it is not too much trouble to go visit (still about 3 hours train ride), but to go there as a visitor has its drawbacks (very long waiting times to see glimpses of/play a game, it’s very crowded and there are almost no possibilities to talk to people in the industry). So the way to go is to be invited by EA.I wanted to go so badly last year, but didn’t have an invitation.
blacky, admin of blacky’s sims zoo, with whom I work together on the Sims Magazine creations (technically she’s my boss), gets invited every year. She told me a few weeks ago that she suggested a few people to also get inviations and put in a good word for me as well so I might receive an invitation for myself, but sadly, that didn’t work out. (I guess I either have to take up modding and scripting or create a newsblog or community, that makes it easier to get an invitation.)
Naturally, I assumed that this year I’d stay at home longingly and reading every blog with infos on sims 4 that was written by those whoe were there just like last year.

But unexpectedly, I have been given the opportuny to go to Gamescom together with blacky this year, since she had an invitation to spare. I’m sooo freakin’ thrilled! Not only do we get sponsored/don’t have to pay for room and board, but we also get to see special presentations/get to play sims 4! I hope that the internet in our hostel will be good enough for blogging/getting out info as far as we are allowed to. I am so excited to meet others there! I don’t know who is going to be there from the community, but I already heard that crinrict will be there (what an honor to meet her!) 
I am thinking about creating a shirt with my logo on it so that people can recognize me there (or is that too over-the top?)

Now excuse me while I float above the clouds ;)


6500+ followers’ gift.  Sorry for the crappy previews, but they’re so very draining…


Three variations of cuffed jeans for your YA/A males!  They’re for everyday wear, and… I never pay attention to that part now that I think about it.  Styles 2 and 3 have a non-recolorable ‘overlay’ preset.  Style 2 has four recolorable channels while 1 and 3 have three.  Sorry for the lack of channel previews.  I thought I took some for all, but I failed.

Mesh is a mash-up I did to ‘fix’ an EA mesh and make it low-rise.  Textures are by EA and from the Diesel stuff pack.  SHOULD be base-game compatible, but please let me know if they’re not.  Compressorized and optimized.

They all morph wonderfully, though the LODs are a bit lame (but there!).  Custom thumbnails.

Do whatever you want with these as long as you don’t claim you made them or link to them via AdFly or similar or make money off the things I give away for free.  I can’t believe I have to tell people not to be an asshole.


thanks so much for sharing, I know that you worked hard on them and they look amazing <3


I’m getting impatient about the sims 4 CAS demo :/ still haven’t gotten it (and I am very pessimistic about getting it earlier at all, seeing that the registration is also no guarantee of receiving it). I really want to poke around in the files and check out how to make custom content :(

I’m not so jealous of the people who get to make sims than of the people that are able to do the poking-around -.-
There’s already a test version of s4pe!

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