I saw aikea-guinea had posted her test results of the color challenge from the xrite website and I thought “fun idea, I wanna try that too!”

I already suspected that my color vision is very good. People around me like to ask me for advice, saying I have a good eye for colors :)

Also, some people look at my nailpolish collection (got about 500 bottles) and say “you got ten identical shades there, why??” And I reply: “No, they are all different! Look,  this one has more blue in it than this one, which has a hint of yellow……” :)

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  1. theresa-is-human said: Yes you do! I am one of those people around you who can attest to that. :) I had a 14 as the test result, not bad either. ;)
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    I got a 7 boo on me, lol http://www.xrite.com/custom_page.aspx?PageID=77&Lang=en
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